Easy Origami Box with Lid

Easy Origami Box with Lid


The origami box with lid is not so hard to fold. You can fold it easily and use for a gift box or store something small. You can fold a origami box with lid by only following this simple step by step instruction or you can learn from watching our video tutorial.


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Learn how to make easy origami box with Lid (video tutorial)




easy origami box with lid folding Instruction


First, all you need is a square 20cm x 20cm paper.

Now make two mountain fold as shown.

Now fold the four corners of the paper into its center point as shown.

Now fold both the right and left portion into its center point.

Repeat with top and bottom portion as previous one.

Now undo the last two and half steps.

Now do a reverse fold with right and left portion with the top corner.

Now fold the flap into the top edge to form a half box.

Repeat the folding process with the bottom but don’t fold the flap inside as previous one.

Use a scissors to cut through the fold to the end of outer portion of the box on both edge of the flap.

Now use the flap as a lid.


Now you get a easily folded origami box with lid.



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