DIY Emoji Bookmark Corners

DIY Emoji Bookmark Corners


Do you need an interesting bookmark that slips around the corner of your book’s pages? You might find a lot bookmark ideas and tutorials around the Internet, but these special bookmarks become more popular among the kids and book lovers as well.


Here, this tutorial is all about DIY Emoji Bookmark, which is really very simple to fold and decorate, even for an amateur. Here, watch the video tutorial and learn how to make Emoji Bookmark corners like a pro.


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These Emoji Bookmark corners are based on the basic bookmark corner origami, but you need to add some extra steps to complete the process. So all you need to watch the full video to learn step-by-step instructions. And don’t forget to subscribe our YouTube channel to get interesting DIY tutorial and how tos.


Learn how to make DIY Emoji Bookmark Corners easily



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